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Center for Preventative Medicine

LA PALESTRA is located at 11 West 67th Street, inside the Hotel Des Artistes. The facility was named Best Health Care Project by Interiors magazine, has been on the cover of and featured in Interior Design magazine, and has received design awards from Modern Healthcare and Health Facilities Management magazines. LA PALESTRA is a unique combination of landmark architecture, exercise technology, and modern comfort, occupying 14,000 square feet on two levels. The space contains a cardiovascular diagnostic and treatment area; physical therapy rooms; patient seminar and examination rooms; private changing rooms; offices for doctors, technicians, and evaluators; a medical library; steam rooms and a lounge.

The serene character of LA PALESTRA finds its precedent more in the halls of a university or a gallery than in a typical medical clinic or health club. The beauty of very basic elements - space, form, light - evokes a world that is distinct from the urban milieu: a world that underscores the importance of self-improvement and physical well-being, and that encourages clientele to immerse themselves in activities toward that end.

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