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Industry City Athletic Club

The IC Athletic Club gym brings old school attitude to a very modern amenity. As work is incorporated into our daily lives in ever more complex ways, the workplace continues to transform, often developed to foster social interaction and provide amenities more typically associated with hotels or clubs.  The lunch break workout is now the norm. The IC Athletic Club provides just such an amenity for the Industry City complex which includes more than “six million square feet of classic New York industrial architecture that has been repurposed for the economy of the future, all located on the Brooklyn waterfront”. Views, open space, and unique retail are just a few of the elements that attract designers, makers, and content creators to Industry City in Sunset Park Brooklyn. The complex draws a young “new economy” cohort. The gym was developed with a nostalgia for that high school or college gym left behind, combined with state of the art equipment and conveniences. Materials evocative of the past, like reclaimed wood floors, glazed brick, blackened steel, blue stone and copper, are combined with eye popping color and highly graphic elements in a back-to-the-future balancing act. 

Photos by Eric Laignel

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